Industries Served

    We have a long and successful history with working with some of the biggest names throughout a wide and diverse range of Industries. Over 50 Years of Practical and Technical ‘Know How’ in so many different industry sectors has allowed us to become one of the most versatile Metal Finishing Companies in the UK.


    Automotive – We are proud to be Tier 1 and Tier 2 Suppliers some of the most prestigious Car manufacturers in the World. Our Services to the British Automotive Industry includes Polishing, Plating and Powder Coating to all service condition levels and both cosmetic and functional use.


    Architectural Hardware – We have firm partnerships with some of the World’s leading manufacturers of Architectural hardware and associated components working in both Low and High volume sectors.


    Brewery Dispense Equipment– We have worked on some Major Brand projects and continue to work with some of the largest original dispense equipment manufacturers in the industry.


    Brewery Equipment Refurbishment – Our commitment to recycling has seen the development of new ‘Environmentally clean’ process’s enabling the full refurbishment of almost all fully plated components in all materials. Our expertise within the Brewery Dispense equipment sector has seen some of the Major brands dispense equipment and Valves being refurbished from used to as new condition.


    Bathroom And Sanitryware – The most traditional form of Metal finishing still continues today in the form of Finishing for the Sanitryware industry. An Industry working mainly with Brass material, we provide the UK’s Leading Brassware Manufacturers with the highly finished products that we see in our bathrooms every day.


     Medical Healthcare – We provide a range of Anti-Bacterial Coatings for the Healthcare industry.


    Lighting And Switch gear – We provide metal Finishing services to include Switch plates in all finish’s and lighting for both domestic and industrial use.


    Locks, hinges & Latch’s – Low and high volume process production of locks, hinges and latch’s in all finishes for both the UK and European markets.


    Fixings & Fasteners – We provide high volume barrel plating facilities for the Fixing and fastener industry.


    Satellite and Telecommunications – We provide a highly specialized plating service to both the Satellite and telecommunications industry worldwide in producing parts with high conductivity wavelength ratings. We are proud to be associated with such a high quality controlled industry.





    For more Information on How we can help you whatever industry you are in why not contact us via our website or call 01902 311355.