Barrel Electro plating

    Our Electro plated services extend to offer the following barrel plated finishes over 2 fully automated plants with the latest in Computer controlled Artificial Intelligence with a capacity of approx 10 Tonnes per day over a 24 hour period. Please see below list for all available finishes.
    Alkaline Zinc with Clear/Blue, Black and Yellow Passivates with PS100 Sealant. All our passivates are trivalent and RoHs Compliant. Our Full Enhanced trivalent passivate with PS100 seal has exceptional corrosion resistance exceeding 500hrs on neutral salt spray to first red corrosion.

  • Zinc and Clear/Blue
  • Zinc and Clear/Blue with PS100 Seal
  • Zinc and Black
  • Zinc and Black with PS100 Seal
  • Zinc and Full Enhanced Yellow
  • Zinc and Full Enhanced Yellow with PS100 Seal

  • Copper, Nickel, Brass and Tin Finishes are processed on line 2.  Copper, Tin and Brass finishes are excellent for conductivity purposes. Nickel is more commonly used for cosmetic purposes.

  • Copper Only
  • Copper and Tin
  • Copper, Nickel and Brass
  • Copper, Nickel and Tin
  • Nickel Only
  • Nickel and Brass
  • Nickel and Tin
  • Brass Only
  • Tin Only

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